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Natural resources in the earth is limited, however, the human knowledge and creativity are unlimited. In order to combine economic growth and environment preservation, we recommend our Solvent Recycle System to integrate into your factory. We, NIKKAKI(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. support your cost reduction program with Eco-friendly throughout our system.

Is your factory paying fees to dispose the scheduled waste solvent collected by local industrial waste diposer after cleaning and extraction process?
Do you feel the disposing fees is expensive in terms of year?

If, YES.
You can accomplish resource recycling and reduction of waste solvent by integrating solvent recovery system in your factory.

Advantages of Solvent Recycle System

①Achieve cost cutting by reducing disposal fee due to off-site treatment
②Achieve cost cutting by less-buying of new solvent, which is useable from recycling process.
③Eco friendly – Efficient for reduction of environment load

Advantages of Solvent Recycle System

Solvent recycle system is to install the recovery unit inside of your factory. This system is able to be used in your production line when the big amount of solvent is required by cleaning and extraction process. If you delegate the scheduled waste to a local appointed industrial disposer, you shall pay the fees for waste treatment and truckage. However, utilizing our recycle sysyem inside of your factory reduces drastically total production cost. Our system enable fully automated operation by auto sequenced software and it is not necessary at all for you to have a special operator to operate this system. We are the specialist of distillation process which is a key technology of this recycle system and have delivered many types of system to our valued customers. There are many obvious evidences that our customers recoups the initial investment of this system only in few years. Please consult us for further information.


Ethanol Food Industry・Heavy Chemical・Antisepsis Purpose etc

Enable re-use of recovered ethanol after recovery and refinery of diluted or unpurified ethanol

IPA Semiconductor・Pharmaceutical Industry etc

Enable re-use of recovered IPA for cleaning purposes by refining process. Easy to recover the initial investment cost in case of using precious anhydro IPA