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New factory construction and Expansion support

Frequently asked questions and common concerns

Consulting services for expanding your business and launching factories in Thailand:We will investigate and solve questions concerning expanding.

“This is our first launch in a foreign country and we don’t know where to begin.”

“We’re a small scale business, but can we still get support?”

“We don’t have the manpower or time for on site investigation.”

“What about factories that are not for chemical or food industry?”

In recent years, there has been increasing cases that SMEs have to expand their business overseas due to the suspension of domestic productions in their customer’s factories or the overseas transfer, and visit us for preliminary investigation of Asia or ASEAN including Thailand.
It goes without saying that even each countries in the same Asian region has its own unique culture, business practices, but it is also difficult to grasp conditions such as raw materials, infrastructure and procurement of equipments in such a country.
Construction work of factories and plants requires technical knowledge, experience, planning and management. Complicated negotiations with suppliers or government agencies and variety petitions to authorities tend to be a serious burden on a company with limited overseas human resources.
For these issues, we provide comprehensive support from preliminary survey to factory construction and maintenance.
We cater to all the needs of plant not limited to chemical or food industries. Please feel free to ask us.

Expansion support unique to a plant engineering company

“Optimum” differs depending on business or thought or each customer.

We believe that by knowing the advantages as well as the aspects to be noted before making an investment in Thailand is the first step toward solving the issues.

We start from a survey for factory location together and offer various investigations and engineering. Procurement and construction are carried out under our management. In addition, we also provide extensive service related to the lifecycle of factory equipments, through to the maintenance, capacity increase, disposal and further planning after operation, as well as support the establishment and management of a new company.

Our greatest characteristic is over 75 years of experience and track record in Japan, allowing us to provide optimum proposals considering energy conservation and environmental measure while keeping total cost balance for plant construction.

In addition to advice on production in Thailand, we select plant components and supply products that meet the burden and desired quality of the customer such as high-quality Japanese products or cost effective Vietnam products.