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“I would like to conserve energy in order to cut costs. What should I do?”

In Thailand which has been rapidly growing recent years, it is necessary to consider environmental impact and natural resource problems more than other countries. NIKKAKI Group established a BOI-approved engineering company, NIKKAKI ENGINEERING (THAILAND), to spread equipments in consideration of decreasing environmental impact and conserving energy in Thailand.

NIKKAKI ENGINEERING will contribute to the environment through its supply of the following equipments for:

1. Lowering environmental impact.
2. Conserving energy.
3. Preventing air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, and vibration.
4. Preventing pollution related to dioxins.
5. Hazardous materials

We can not only apply to new equipments, but also support to restructure existing equipments.

Japanese engineers are permanently stationed at NIKKAKI ENGINEERING.
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One example of the NIKKAKI Group’s achievements is the reduction of factory steam by installing a heat pump. There are different types of heat pumps, such as compression or absorption type, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
We can select a suitable heat pump that fits customer’s plant. Actually, our pumps that are in service at customer’s factory contribute to the reduction in running costs, and are highly appreciated.

Heat Pump

The heat pump is a mechanism that moves heat from a low temperature part to a high temperature part.

Here is a flow diagram of steam when a heat pump is introduced to an evaporator system.